How it works


Getting started

With freedom and flexibility in mind, Dixon Construction offers two options for building your dream designer home.

 1. Design and Construct


2. Bring your own plans from your architect or building designer.

Regardless of your chosen option, our approach is largely the same. We favour a collaborative process, which allows you to realise the most accurate version of your vision as possible involving the following steps:


A meeting of minds

The next step in building your designer home, is a concept meeting where we can discuss all of your ideas of what you would like your home to look like, and how you see yourself living in it.

We listen, we guide, and we invoke your ideas and inspiration throughout the pre-construction stages, adding depth and integrity to the conversation every step of the way. Design is about overcoming challenges in a thoughtful and considered manner, resulting in the optimum outcome, and delivering a building that reflects your very own personal brand.

Throughout this process, we are careful to respect your vision, ensuring that we inspire, facilitate and complement your vision with our full range of building and design services.

The planning process

Whether you are working with us to develop your plans, or you have engaged an architect or building designer to draw them, this is the point at which selections will be made that will start to bring life and dimension to your plan.

From here we can develop structural engineering, project specifications and site costs, prepare a building contract and start to schedule construction timelines.

Once all the paperwork is signed off and the building permit is obtained, the wheels can start turning on the construction of your beautiful home.

The main event

This is where you can really start to watch your project come alive. Once construction on your site has commenced, and certain building milestones are achieved, you will be able to visit the site to inspect the highest standard of workmanship and our attention to every detail.

Your dedicated building supervisor will be working within a disciplined construction schedule and providing quality assurance every step of the way within efficient timeframes.

A pre-handover meeting is held near to completion where you’ll find out the date that you can become the proud owner of your brand new Dixon Construction home.

Our service doesn’t end there

Dixon Construction will be with you long after the home has been complete, so if you have any questions, you can contact the team for support or guidance at any time.


Contact us today to make a time for one of our experienced team members to take you through the process in more detail.